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Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th OCTOBER
We will need to know whether you want to be part of this trip by the middle of June, please.

There are no surprises in any of these dates EXCEPT perhaps for the last event - the next get-together between Haslemere and Bernay. This later-than-usual date has been chosen to coincide with half-term in BOTH Bernay and Haslemere. The committees in Bernay and Haslemere have agreed to give each other the list of intending visitors FOUR months before the visit starts. The reason for this period of notice has been brought about by the lateness of our being given a definitive list early enough for the visit just passed and the consequent difficulties that ensued in linking up guests with hosts.

If there are any changes to the above, you will hear about it as soon as possible. Also the Recent Updates page on this website will indicate changes.

We look forward very much to seeing you at (m)any or all of the above,
Michael (on behalf of the committee).